Mr. Pink, Meet Mr. Grumps

The spouse wants to go shopping with his retirement gift cards. He is interested in a hedge trimmer and a small portable table saw. After the dentist I’m not sure if my back is up to travelling in our bone-shaking car, but I was thinking he could drop me off at Michael’s while he went to Canadian Tire.

Pondering this, and whether I should go at all, I drew a card for the day:



Oh, the King of Finks…I mean Wands. What I feel with this guy today is a domineering and threatening need to have everything his own way. Spouse has been like that all week after I bought some books. Blah, apart from being hurtful it leaves me reluctant to go along with anything he wants, and to isolate myself.

However, Mr. Grumps, the overbearing intolerant crab-ass, is holding out a tulip, trying to be Mr. Nice Guy, and saying “Who me??”

So maybe I should go…trapped in a car and several stores with a taciturn cheapskate sounds like a lot of fun for a Saturday.

Oh now Judith, be nice, give the nice King the benefit of the doubt.

Later that day:


The miracle is that with all the DMC threads I have, I was able to pluck out these six and not duplicate anything I have at home. Light blue marbled flannel for a nightie with complementary blues and oranges in the embroidery. I’m cooking baby, cooking with colour.

And on the way home we cranked up Thin Lizzy and flew. The boys are back in town. Apparently they’re wearing blue this season and they’ll be trimming hedges with their new rechargeable hedge trimmer.



2 thoughts on “Mr. Pink, Meet Mr. Grumps

    • No, but he grew up in the slums in the UK after the war and they hadn’t much, so is often frantic with worries about money.They struggled in Europe to recover after the war and I am younger so didn’t experience that.

      I guess we all come with baggage from childhood. I often tell him that I could be one of those women who buys 80 pairs of underwear or shoes, and instead buy a few books now and then, but it does no good. He has this fear about money.

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