Colour on the Menu, and Beautiful Maidens and Flowers

I started this yesterday, and didn’t have time to finish it due to going to the dentist and the library. Dental visits cause my back pain and TMJ to flare up so I had to take about 3 aspirins throughout the afternoon and evening and my tinnitus came back. Hmmmm, could have been the aspirin. I once wondered a few weeks ago if that might be aggravating it.

Oh, the magical land of empirical evidence and Hawaii. I pulled a Hawaiian postcard that someone kindly sent me, and of course with these colours it needed to be done as a jigsaw.

HULA & LEI (Frank McIntosh) ca. 1930s


“A beautiful maiden throws flowers while being carried amidst an island celebration”

This was a commissioned artwork for the menus on the Matson Navigation Company’s ocean liners to Hawaii. I put the background in to make it slightly larger for a digital jigsaw.


Have Photoshop, will keep focused on colour…




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