Ursuline Enlightenment

I was rummaging looking for the perfect border fabric for a baby quilt I started in January. I had set it aside for a while because something was off. I realized yesterday that it needed a dark blue and not a red colour for the border and once I decided that, I appliquéd 3 blue circles onto patches within the quilt that needed toning down so I’m set to go again.

This often happens with my projects. I can tell something isn’t working, usually with the colour, and it takes a break to see it with a fresh eye. A good example of why rushing something is not always the best way.



I immediately think of the four evangelists with this card since their symbols are classically on here. The main character here is St. Ursula and the Holy Virgins. One absolutely delightful thing with this deck is that the booklet lists all the art references for each card. Kat Black has collaged the frame and gilt, the clouds, and each evangelistic symbol from different sources, in such a clever way.

This card seems fresh to me since I rarely draw The World. It seems auspicious that I do today. Something to think about when considering choice in the big, bad world:

“One person can make the world a better place.”

This includes surrounding yourself with enlightened people and attitudes.




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