Time Enough to Breathe and Create

I rarely use this deck today. Back when it was created I raved about it, because it was one of the decks that rekindled my love and interest in Art History. A few years later I saw the author being rather snarky on the Jump the Shark forum along with another author, and it sadly put me off both their decks. I noticed a few authors, one reviewer, and one woman who authored the book for a deck, who let it go to their head over time and change them from pleasant, knowledgeable people, to ego-charged meanies.

I imagine the attention, particularly as sales and discussion of your work builds, would be hard not to let go to your head. The rock stars of the tarot world are human after all. I don’t want to know. Having been a bully at times myself when I let my temper get the best of me, I think a kinder, humbler approach does us all good.

I also think it best that we create our own artwork rather than collage the work of others. Still, I have several books on frescoes and Art History that contain bits and pieces from this deck so I remain fond of the artwork.



Yup, I’m feeling this today. In the Rider-Waite deck, this card has my favourite illustration. The falcon, the garden, the richness of the landscape, all point to golden hours with your basic needs meant and time and money for creative pursuits. The only thing she’s missing is a decorative plate or two.

Oh wait…





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