The Couple Meet the Fixer Man



Oooh, wouldn’t it be nice to have one of these guys? I think a misconception of marriage is that the spouse will be this guy. Perhaps (disregarding reincarnation) that this is what people mean when they say they want a soul mate? What they want is someone to take away all the responsibility, the worry, the financial problems. They want the knight who will come rushing in and fix everything, or Lady Beneficent.

Unfortunately, men and women for all their strengths and abilities are not able to fix everything. Far better I think to treat everyone as a human going through life and share the burden. Switch up now and then to act as the generous protector. In my experience, men need a guy like this sometimes too. Notice that on this card it is the couple who meet the Dark-haired man, who are generously helped and protected by him. We all need this guy some days.

I laughed when I saw the reverse “False Promises” of this card. I often accuse the spouse of this, and feel let down. How about expecting myself to keep the promise? It works both ways.

I feel bad this week, having ripped into the spouse on several occasions. My temper, my temper, but my little gift is all done and packaged up so that should relieve some tension. The spouse was sitting outside reading in a lawn chair and heard the neighbours having a fight. She screamed at him “We don’t need you any more!” and when he told me that I felt very bad for my own words.

Hangs head…vows to be more generous in spirit….




4 thoughts on “The Couple Meet the Fixer Man

  1. Remember that whole thing we read in the Power of Kabbalah about having to fall before you can get up again? The blessing in this is that you recognise the reaction or fall. There is a great power in that. I have learned (and am successful more times than not) to just cut in and stop myself from reacting. Often, it is my own problems and frustrations, looking for an outlet, rather than the other person. It can make me snappy and hard to be around.

    Hope you two can heal the bad words.

    • That’s IT–your own problems and frustrations most of the time. Unfortunately the other person only remembers the ratty things you said. Although the spouse does realize I get tense about other things, he also gets fed up.

      Yes, we healed it up. I got up the next day and we had a hug and I said “Let’s start over.” So we did.

      • That is so lovely.

        It always seems that he understands you well and knows when you’re having a bad time of it.

        Today was a bad day here. Sewing problems. Not getting back into it easily. I could easily lash out at people who don’t deserve it as well.

        Maybe sometimes we need to tell our self ‘Let’s start over’ too!

        • Perhaps a tattoo written in mirror script so that when we look in the mirror we’ll get the message?

          Darn, if I could just assimilate the message.

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