The Sky of Worryville

V OF CROWS (5 of Pentacles)


Look at that sky!! The churning mind, the churning stomach of worry seems to embody the sky. Yes, I’ve been procrastinating again so now I’m feeling anxious. I took two days off for both my birthday and reading a book so now I have to play catch-up.

She also says “unforeseen loss” with this card and it reminds me of my cat Stitch, struggling to stay alive and now down to about 5 raggedy pounds of bone. Here he is on an old pillow to keep him comfortable as he has no body fat to keep him warm and cushion his bones. He is admiring my birthday flowers and my new floor lamp in cushioned safety.

That crow is looking down at Stitch, it worries me too.


I’d better get cracking and work on my project so I can finish it to mail in three days. Stitch, my ever faithful friend on his pillow, will be sitting there as I work.

Stay with me, stay grounded under turbulent skies little man.




10 thoughts on “The Sky of Worryville

  1. Great lamp! And great card.

    Always good to take a bit of time off. You are the boss and the worker. I know those feelings of guilt. With school happening for the last three weeks, I have had twelve or so sewing orders waiting for me to finish for the last month. I’ve now got to start them and know that people are waiting for me to. Makes me anxious as well.

    • I also have to consider that sewing work hurts my eyes and hand eventually, and you get tired and start making mistakes.

      When I got back to it today I did well, and took my time sewing with patience rather than rushing. You know that feeling–it’s better to tackle it when you are fresher.

    • Thanks. Stitch has been hanging on for a year but there’s nothing left of him physically, so I expect he will be unable to carry on at some point in the next year.

      Ah no, your dog died. I understand, one of my dogs died almost 2.5 years ago and I still miss her every day. They each have such personalities, such soul that it is a great loss.

  2. Yup, knowing when to call a day ‘a day’ is a wise thing. I get backache from sewing and cutting. And when my heart disconnects after too many hours of doing it, I know that it is time to stop as I make mistakes and things get a bit sloppy.

    I’m glad you didn’t rushed and did it in good time. It’s the best way. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly when we’re feeling fresh, yeah?

  3. I’m sorry that Stitch is growing so frail. But he looks comfortable and happy on his pillow. Comfort is healing for cats, and an extra cushion, blanket, special bed, or other small consideration that seems trivial to us can be life-extending for them.

    • I think it is helping him. I also find he needs a great deal of hugging from both of us. He likes to stay close day and night.

      He is so thin Lorena, there is no flesh on his hip bones and around his anus, he is sticking out all over. He is eating quite a bit but pretty tired. Fortunately he hasn’t had any sinus infections with the warm weather. He loves to lie on his folded blanket on the sunporch in the sun.

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