Rabbit in the Living Flora

Some clodhopper got her foot caught in a lamp cord and the lamp fell and broke. Maybe if she had put her books away and didn’t leave them stacked on a chair with the lamp on top, this would not have happened.

At first I thought I might replace it with a floor lamp, but they are too costly. I need the light to read and sew and knit by, particularly in the winter. I got the big idea to turn a small desk in the corner outward and put a table lamp on the end, so it will be over my right shoulder where I need it, and the spouse is going to use his Canadian Tire gift card to buy it. We just have to choose which one. They are both 25 inches high but the one on the right has a white shade which augers well for seeing in the winter.


Besides, I’m a living flora kind of gal.


I OF RABBITS (Ace of Wands)


This rabbit’s name is Flora, and she is living and leaping through life and tall grass.

A new idea, which could be this table lamp idea. A good card for creativity today as I forged on as long as possible with the embroidery I am doing. Struggling with arthritis and tendinitis, there is only so much I can do but I am chipping away nicely at it. If I’m lucky I will finish tomorrow.

Definitely a week for Wands energy, of which the Ace is the ultimate.

Rabbity, rabbity, do-dah-lah.




4 thoughts on “Rabbit in the Living Flora

    • I ended up getting a completely different floor lamp. But I wanted to buy that table lamp too. Alas, I have no room for two (or the money for two.)

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