The Bone of Beating Distraction

TV BOY (Knight of Wands)

Based on Perpetual Motion by René Magritte, 1934


Dash off yon fellow, plugged into the tube of knowledge!

I pulled this a couple of days ago but haven’t had a chance to post it. I’ve got TV or Wands energy this week and am wary of interrupting the signal, so don’t want to get too involved wasting time online.

Since I now have a printer that works, I am making up a Word document for my Play Architecture study. It involves re-jigging some of the pictures that were optimized for the web with dark backgrounds, and re-sizing them for printing and saving ink.

I’m also sewing and reading and feel I want to stay in the real world, “to dance attendance” as Brian Williams says in the book. No matter how many ideas you have if you don’t beat distraction off with the bone of physical action, you’ll never be able to lift them.


Just so, in the weighty issues of the mind this week.




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