In the Ground with Wheat

The house depicted on this card is probably from one of the 625 pages in the Luttrell Psalter but I don’t have an visual example of it. The British Library has a few pages scanned from the book and there is both an out-of-print facsimile edition that is expensive, and an eBook you can buy on iTunes for £6.99 that is not expensive.

One of the things the dreadful fundamentalists have not ruined are the beautiful and uplifting 150 psalms from the Christian bible. I admit that the idea of having a facsimile of an illustrated manuscript of a psalter such as this is appealing.



I’m on the ground today at last! Enjoying the smell of growing wheat and the warmth of sun, the light of the sky.

The circular item might be a platter, the type of platter popular for the wealthy in Medieval times. It also reminds me of the glass platter that Laura Ingalls Wilder saved when her house burned down during the early years of her marriage. It depicted wheat and made reference to daily bread.

The ultimate material card, the Ace of Coins is about prosperity, but I like to think today it’s about the day-to-day and better choices in focus and living.




4 thoughts on “In the Ground with Wheat

    • I can see where it would because there is a strictly visual clarity to the cards: the white card, the black border, and then the unmuddied colour amid the Medieval patterns. Even on the cards with small details she’s left enough room for thought and thus interpretation.

      Up the old decks!!! Here’s to Stuart Kaplan, who chose a good deck to print in his time.

  1. I think I have learned what kind of sets work for me. I need a bit of space in my images. Some decks can be too busy (think Pearls of Wisdom, Illuminati). I think this is one of the reasons why I like the design of the Unicorn Tarot – it is simple and makes reading easier for me.

    • I used the PoMo Tarot today but haven’t had a chance to post it–was finishing off my third summer nightie.

      The PoMo is also a deck with space and simplified drawings–I like that too. I can always make a story with a simple image, it seems clearer.

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