Better a Nudge Than Nowt

I didn’t post yesterday as I was in such a funk I didn’t want to spread it around! However, by noon my back had settled down and I was getting restless, so I did a laundry and then ironed 6 meters of fabric and cut out another nightie. Then I got my sewing machine cleaned, oiled, and inserted a new needle and wound a full bobbin with white thread, so I was ready to go today. It’s amazing how that cheered me up and got me back on track.

UPDATE: I am including a bit of extra information on the image on this card which is inspired by the Luttrell Psalter, and is discussed in my book Mirror in Parchment: The Luttrell Psalter and the Making of Medieval England by Michael Camille. It took me a day to locate the book on my many bookshelves. I am attaching the reproduction of the page, folio 171r, which has this image of harrowing that Maggie Kneen adapted for the Old English Tarot card.


In 1958 this particular folio depicting the harrowing on the estate of Sir Geoffrey Luttrell was reproduced in the magazine History Today in an article by Maurice Keen about Robin Hood. This folio opens with Psalm 94 in Latin: “Quia in manu eius omnes fines terre” for which the closest English translation is cited from The New English Bible “The farthest places of the earth are in his hands and the folds of the hills are his.” Harrowing is done after the seeds are sown, to cover the seeds with earth.

One of the reasons I bought this deck was because of my interest in medieval and illuminated manuscripts and history.

TWO OF BATONS (2 of Wands)


Another wand, I guess it’s my week for learning about energy and fire. I keep thinking of physics and momentum and how just a small start will gather energy and build momentum and make things easier to get going. Science knows.

I often call this the Surveying the Kingdom card, because it reminds me of a ruler surveying his land and seeing what needs done and what is good. Leadership or stewardship applies to your own body as well. I think it important to realize that even with injury or pain the body and mind need something to do, some forward momentum to be happy, even if it’s only a nudge.

Happily nudging away today…




2 thoughts on “Better a Nudge Than Nowt

  1. I love this deck. Always have. And I remember you sending me a few samples from that book many, many moons ago. It is fascinating to see what inspired the images.

    I have been getting this card a lot, since I have been surveying my own kingdom of late, adding more and more things to my to-do list. It’s one of those cards which used to mean very little to me but these days, it is becoming more of a companion on my tarot journey.

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