Loops, Looping, Grinding Away

Not a great day, I hurt my back and knees trying to do housework yesterday and today (particularly floor scrubbing and sweeping), and Norton is still eating my hard drive. So I came downstairs and watched a couple of half hour shows on Cottage Life television and watched my floor dry very slowly in the humid weather, to try and settle my mind. I ate lunch, it was nice to take a break.


This is supposed to be a card of philanthropy or material gain. I am not feeling it, I’m feeling my CPU getting hotter and hotter while Norton grinds away doing whatever it is that it won’t let go of. Ah there, it has finally let go of its loop.

I also think I’m a little anxious over two projects I need to do. I don’t want to do them when I’m irritable, as I tend to wreck things when in such a mood, but not doing them gets me worried.

And on and on it goes. Speaking of loops and programs. Maybe this card is about taking the attention off myself…I don’t know. It would be a kindness to me.



2 thoughts on “Loops, Looping, Grinding Away

  1. Another beautiful card from the Hudes …

    It makes me think of a few things – taking only what you need, accepting support or opinion, balance and harmony.

    Maybe you offer just a little bit of attention to each job?; just dipping in and chipping a little away. Nothing too intense. While you’re not feeling at your best, a little can go a long way and might help release those worries. As an example, when I am getting wound up by the sewing machine, I give a little of myself to cutting or ironing. Just an hour or less, until I feel comfortable (or brave enough) to dedicate more of myself to the main parts of the project. I have been known to hide from sewing projects for days when things have not gone right.

    I love that green …

    • Okay, I’m going to try a little bit tomorrow. I am also going to avoid the computer. I’ve been in and out of bed trying to cope with this arthritis and nerve pain, so hopefully a better day tomorrow.

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