Stoop and Mend, Patching With the Unconscious



Isn’t this beautiful? No wonder I’ve been thinking about this deck.

This is a taking care of business card, maybe envisioning or waiting for new things. Here she is looking after things, tidying up almost. There is a small patch of blue on her marble-patterned dress, which reminds me of Jo’s patched muslin dress from the book Little Women. Jo had the habit of standing in front of the fire to get warm and her dress scorched one time she did that, so she had to patch it.

It’s very practical to patch expensive clothes. Perhaps persistence and plugging away, letting my unconscious work on things while I do practical tasks, might be the message.



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2 Comments on “Stoop and Mend, Patching With the Unconscious”

  1. raggedpoet Says:

    I love this deck but often forget about it… thanks JJ for the reminder 🙂

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