Existential Systemic Restoration

Oh yes, here we go, I had to do a full system restore and get rid of all the Brother printer software. I phoned Staples and explained the problem and they said I could bring it back, so I will do that on the weekend. Now if only Norton would stop eating my hard drive. I’ve removed and reinstalled it three times and nothing seems to work. It has been going nuts all through the month of July.

Finding myself without a scanner, I thought I’d show a shot of a deck I want called Exist Playing Cards, full of caricatures of philosophers and existentialists and their famous remarks.


So, what I need is some pithy philosophical remarks about technology. Sartre said “Hell is other people” but I shall paraphrase that and say “Hell is software.” It’s a sad thing that the human intellect cannot create an anti-virus program that doesn’t kill the machine it is supposed to help. Likewise with printer software.

Kafka just shouted out “You are all free and that is why you are lost.”

Would that I could buy this card deck and ruminate on existential truth. Barring that I’m having a tea and will ponder my confusion in the face of an apparently meaningless world.



4 thoughts on “Existential Systemic Restoration

    • Yes, isn’t the artwork fantastic? Plus the idea and layout are great.

      I would like this–she used to sell it on Etsy but now you have to e-mail her through her web site, so I’m not sure of the price. Plus, I have a problem ordering online these days.

      • Nice muted colours. Kind of like the palette I am using at the moment on my own illustrations at the site.

        I’ve never been good at ordering online. If I can’t get it on Amazon, I usually can’t get it, lol.

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