Navigating Deftly Through Software Glitches

Nurturer of Shells (Queen of Cups)



Day two of the great printer installation fiasco. After three hours I finally pinpointed the problem to some OCR and PDF programs from Nuance that install with the Brother printer. I tried disabling them but my CPU and Norton still went kerflooey, using 80% of my CPU, so I tried shutting down processes through Windows but to no avail. I ended up deleting the software, leaving me with basic scanning and printing abilities on the printer, which is all I really use anyway.

So, the Nurturer here tells me now that most of the day is gone, I should relax and stop thinking about computer problems. Swim calmly in the sea with the fish and rest my eyes. The old Queen here “navigates deftly through emotional waters” but chances are she has never had to bugger around with Brother printer software.

Sink down to the centre and drift calmly in the lovely blue-green water, let it go, let it go.




6 thoughts on “Navigating Deftly Through Software Glitches

  1. Great advice there. Let it go, let it go.

    I think we could all do with that and I can imagine that a card like this would be great for one to look at with a nice cup of tea when things get too stressful. Very healing.

        • Funny, I was thinking about the Hudes recently, and I find that a calming deck. There are patterns, maps and watercolour backgrounds and such but not a lot of small details, so the simplicity of it is calming.

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