Printer Installation in Silk Chiffon

I had to buy a new printer/scanner today. After repairing the install I got it to work but the scan quality is just as crummy as my previous machine. Four hours later, my face is all red and I’m frazzled to the max. At least it prints though! I am reasonably competent with computer things, but this was a toughie.

digitally printed silk chiffon


Another nice postcard my friend Steve collected and mailed to me. The colours are beautiful, it looks like poppies; what a lovely shimmery, drapey scarf

Ladies who buy scarves like this don’t have to install devices or configure computers. No, they hire people to do that.

I want one.




6 thoughts on “Printer Installation in Silk Chiffon

  1. Haha, this post made me smile. I want one too – the hired-computer-help, rather than the scarf.

    I remember talking to this woman when I picked up the postcard. She was really friendly and told me all about her work. I have postcards in an envelope here for you, but have resisted sending them because I wanted to add a few more but haven’t found anything extra yet on my travels. Your ‘Spring’ pressie is way overdue!

    • Oh wow, more postcards! I have really enjoyed all the cards you sent for Christmas–great stuff for me and each one different.

      • Yes, the plan was to get a selection on my travels here and there.

        You know, D and I are planning our next week away. We’ve been looking at cottages and caravans .. so you know what that means! (hint, loads of postcards).

    • We are all agreed then, we need some elves with IT experience to live under the stairs.

      Honestly Bobby, I used to love my computer so much, but the peripherals are poorly made and the computers themselves and the Internet are not living up to expectations. Everything got too complicated. All the printer manufacturers are churning out bad items. Their expectation is that you will replace a printer every year or two. Crazy company policy.

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