Penguin Thoughts in Crystalline Climes

PENGUIN – Seer of Shells (Page of Cups)


This is a Gentoo Penguin (Pygoscelis papua), alert to the playful possibilities of the day. The thoughtful dreamer, artistic and creative, embraces the adventure, chatting to his fish friend about fabric, no doubt.

I have never heard of Gentoo penguins, but they are the third largest penguin and have a wide white stripe across the top of their heads and a reddish-orange bill. They have the longest tail of all penguin species, and are found in the Falkland Islands and Georgia Island near the Sandwich Islands among other places.

I liked the crystalline bridge which seems to be heaving out of an iceberg in the rear of the picture, like a castle in the air, the dreamer builds such elaborate thoughts, linking them, building in his mind.

Our new roof is going on today. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain and they can finish it in one day! Meanwhile, I guess this Penguin is going to concentrate on creative projects to keep his mind off worry.



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