The Healing Wisdom of Caroline Myss

This is for you CC, a little look at the Wisdom for Healing Cards in more detail.

Before I get to the cards, I wanted to point out that the illustrator is Janice Fried who also did the artwork for another Carolyn Myss deck that Hay House published called The Archetype Cards (which is a good deck.) She has galleries for both decks at her web site.

Hay House always includes the extra “Dear Friend” card which has a message from authors and some biographical information. Here is the one from this deck. Click to enlarge.


And a closer look at four of the cards. I chose these randomly because these just spoke to things I wanted to remember today. Click to enlarge.




I once owned one of Carolyn’s books called Anatomy of the Spirit which was supposed to be great and gets great reviews. I found it tedious, but then I am not a great proponent of psycho-babble. I gave it away. Others may love it, this is merely my own personal taste.

I do like her cards though—a small taste of Carolyn’s personal theories are better for me. Janice Fried’s illustrations are a sprinkle of magic in this deck, they make it for me.






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