Pay Attention, Nymph in Teal

This is from the Wisdom for Healing Cards.



Think about one thing your body requires that it didn’t need yesterday. Pay attention, listen, observe, the physical, emotional, mental and psychological stresses in your body and respond to one of them. Your goal is to pay attention to your body in every way.

Two days ago I was sewing and my body hurts all over. I had been able to stop taking aspirin but now I’m up at midnight gulping aspirin to try to sleep and ramp down the nerve pain. When the spouse is home he buys a lot of processed food, and I’m worried because in three weeks when he retires, are we just going to sit around eating junk food and not talking?

It was a holiday yesterday and we barely talked. He was mean and uncommunicative and I was in pain and fed up with trying to be the cheery one all the time. My printer is permanently broken, so I’m kind of stuck not being able to print things, particularly photo references for drawing, which frustrates me.

So there’s a stress right there, we are going to have one hell of an adjustment when he retires. For now, I just can’t think about it, but I must eat properly and drink more water today as my body certainly needs it.

I like that the emphasis on the card today is to think about ONE thing rather than all the things. It makes it more doable to concentrate on one.




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