Princess Avoids the World



The Princess of the Labyrinth can’t let go of the doctor, even though he says there is nothing wrong with her.

Hearing that cheery old chum Rolf Harris was convicted of sexual abuse of children, one as young as seven, the Princess has put on her gas mask and refuses to engage with a world where things like this happen. The doctor was her last link and he is walking out. It is too tough to face the empty glass, the random roll of the dice, the swords and endless doors of the labyrinth.

The doctor is smiling, knowing that he has done everything he can, and somewhat relieved that he is not going to be trapped in this labyrinth of gloom and hopelessness any more. He tried and tried to get the Princess to focus on better things, to get involved, to do something, but she just wanted a pill or a medical diagnosis to latch on to.

She would have been better to focus on finishing the quilt blocks she started with labyrinthine patterns. The doctor thought she was getting better then, but she kept buying and buying fabric and books, dreaming about things she wanted to do instead of actually doing anything.

Now she sits, inert, disappointed in herself, and feeling that living is pointless.

It is a true thing: No one else can make it go away, you have to think differently. Realize that and the labyrinth becomes a magical place with many doors of discovery and endless exploration.





2 thoughts on “Princess Avoids the World

    • It’s tough some days! I do find with cards, perhaps because they are archetypal, that lots of human condition stuff creeps into readings. It can be helpful, as you say Kris, a wake up call.

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