Bertie Examines New Horizons With His Sharp Sight



Bertie is moving on from his job at the Soda Pop Factory, to discover his destiny.

While bottling pop today, the word “perspicacious” popped into his mind and wouldn’t leave. After his lunch and a consultation with the big dictionary in the employee’s lounge, Bertie also had the phrase “keenly discerning” going through his mind. He realized from this new perspective that bottling pop was not what he should be doing with his life.

On afternoon break he handed in his notice and they told him to leave the premises immediately, fearing that Bertie’s sharp-sighted analysis of such limiting work would infect his co-workers. Pay them no mind Bertie, press onward to discovery!

Bertie thinks he might like to write anacrostic puzzles for the local newspaper and perhaps take up sewing.




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