Scoop Gets Practical



Scoop is quite a dreamer, wanting to spend his time making stories up with his glove puppets and researching the history of puppets in human civilization. Realistically though, as interesting as the Wayang puppet theatre of Indonesia is, it has no immediate application or relevance to Scoop’s life in Water Cup Desert.

It’s so enticing to read all day or put on glove puppet plays for “X” his box toy friend. They both enjoy it but Scoop needs to be realistic and find some work. Keep the dream but use it for work, maybe in a theme park?

With so many choices in his life path, Scoop gets confused and exhausted thinking about which way to go, and he feels barely able to create. There are practical ways of using his skill as a puppet master, and “X” is giving him a pep talk to start ONE thing and simply get going, get out of his focus on daydreams.

Easier said than done, eh Scoop? Perhaps start with making a pattern for that metal purse frame you bought. Then sew a mock-up to make sure it fits the frame. Once that’s done, you can sew up the purse in good fabric with some embroidery of cups on it. It will be great to have a nice purse to keep your theatre receipts in.

Scoop smiles weakly and thinks it might work. Maybe he could embroider a picture of a box toy on the front? “X” has offered to model for that; it’s good to have such support for a concrete endeavour.




2 thoughts on “Scoop Gets Practical

  1. You know, this was always one of my favourites. I love Scoop and the story that goes with this card (about him leaving X) used to always break my heart (until the 10 of Cups, if I remember rightly).

    • I can’t remember. It’s possible I missed that card–I left the study part way due to some finks.

      I seem to be a target for finks, or was at least. Fortunately one can carry on fink-less on a personal blog.

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