The Three Amigos in the Desert



It’s a slow Monday in Water Cup Desert, but these three chaps have gotten together to sip the soy out of their cheery cups. They did a laundry and are now watching their clothes dry in the sun on the clothesline.

They occasionally get up and putter at something: making lunch, sweeping the floor, refilling their glasses, putting water in the ice trays to freeze in the icebox, that sort of thing. Kitty likes his two friends Binky and Blinky because they remind him of the first Sandman comic and the mask that Dream wore.

My, isn’t it warm today? Not a breeze to disturb them as they enjoy each other’s company. Maybe they should invite Bundie around to sip the soy? Well, maybe later, it’s pleasant with just the three friends, sitting in loving contentment.

“Slurp.” Gosh, where are Kitty’s manners? The dice roll their eyes, expanding and contracting in the desert heat.




2 thoughts on “The Three Amigos in the Desert

  1. This has to be one of my [if not my most] favourite versions of the 3 of Cups.

    I used to have a friend who I remember going out for a drink with on a Saturday afternoon. It was just her, her husband and I. We had straws. And that card came up that day. This was many, many, many years ago but I still think of that day when I see this card.

    I love this trip down memory lane.

    • It doesn’t feel too memory lane-ish to me–feels pretty current. That’s the mark of a good deck, created to last, just as fresh as the year it was printed (1999)

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