Shakin’ With Harmony

I decided to revisit a very old friend and use the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot. The stories and soaring wonder of creativity once associated with this deck and a lively study Prince Lenormand and I did with it along with a few other enlightened folk 11 years ago, reverberates down the tunnel of memory.

It’s what you put into it that brings it alive, as with any deck. We were the ones that gave it magic but the underlying creativity of the author underpinned everything. It is really true that no one seems to create or print things like this any more. Alas, it is a different time of proliferation in deck publishing without regard to a deeper measure of creativity.

Fortunately we can go back, and this deck is still in print for those who have never experienced the wonder.



Arising at 5 a.m. because the Sandtwitchers let their dog Shadow out to relive herself but then forgot to bring her in, causing Shadow to bark and bark, echoing in the dawn right next to Temperance’s bedroom—Temperance is feeling a mite jittery today.

While trying to calm down she ruminates on the song Shakin’ All Over and whether Johnny Kidd & the Pirates or The Guess Who did the better version. It’s a quandary that has her shaking her hips, her butterfly wings flapping, the yin and yang releasing harmonic bouts of passive and active energy.

Quivers down my backbone
I got the shakes in my thigh bone
I got the shivers in my knee bone
Shakin’ all over

She is showing remarkable self-control considering her peaceful sleep was interrupted.

You go girl. Get a mohawk while you’re at it, give that dog something to really bark about. Dye it pink and orange and you’ll be whistling if not shakin’ it up.



2 thoughts on “Shakin’ With Harmony

  1. Just seeing the colours of that card on your blog is like sun pouring through the window.

    It really is was the most wonderful creation. And now, there are many decks which try to assume the same kind of out-there-ness and originality, but just don’t seem to pull it off. You know what I mean? Everything feels more contrived in tarot these days.

    Oh, those magic days give me shakes in my thigh bone.

    • Yes, I know what you mean. We never did find out about or contact Graham Cameron.

      These days most tarot authors desperately want attention and publicity. Magic days are gone.

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