Nibbling Wands, Big and Small



I never really noticed before that the Wands in this card are different sizes. I thought first of perspective, how things look different due to that, but here that isn’t the case, they are actually different sizes. Then I thought of how I have small thoughts and bigger thoughts that overtake the small, niggly thoughts in the mind.

Wands streaking around can be good unless you get overwhelmed. It might be an idea today to pick a big thought and concentrate on that, work on that to get going, to get something done.

I didn’t get much done but reading yesterday as we had thunderstorms all day and it was quite dark. I find my eyes just can’t cope well on dark days, so figure to get back at it this morning.

No big drama today but a tickle of an idea not to get overwhelmed. I’ve only had 4 hours of sleep so I can start by trying to get back to bed.




4 thoughts on “Nibbling Wands, Big and Small

    • I have a couple small things to do. Got my 4 new watercolours laid down in my palette colour swatches, and I’m dreaming about sewing and I have a knitting stint to do.

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