Dogs and Clouds Under Teal and Turquoise Skies

The Moon looks a bit scowly here, not approving of cavorting, barking dogs galumphing over the landscape. No, he would prefer spooky people in robes, drifting about raising their arms to him and whispering Moon endearments.

Too bad, you get the barking dogs fella.

I’ve still got tinnitus as a side effect of the medication the doctor put me on. I went to her with vertigo, I now have plain dizziness and tinnitus. Fortunately the other symptoms have died down but my right ear is singing to me, the barking dog of the body, having a high old time under The Moon, staccato bursts of buzzing keeping me awake.

1 of WANDS


Is that the hand of God reaching out to club tinnitus to death? I wish, one health thing after another, that the hand of God was available.

The dream clouds of illusion roll in, let’s club them to death. No, no, none of that now, the card is about good energy not clubbing things. It’s about beginnings and growth and creation, somewhat tempered by illusory effects and the echo of barking, which is like being pulled around like the tide, as we try to get somewhere on the bendy path.

To follow the path you’re going to run into a few dogs, face them down and then pass by. At least you can see where you’re going, if not hearing too well at the moment.




2 thoughts on “Dogs and Clouds Under Teal and Turquoise Skies

  1. Tinnitus, ugh. Mine did go away–I had to avoid caffeine and chocolate. I always use foam earplugs in movie theaters and other loud places, though.

    My husband’s tinnitus is chronic but under control thanks to a guided visualization he learned from an occupational therapist–takes a few minutes to lower his heart rate and blood pressure, which reduces the static. (Basically, go to your “happy place” where you feel calm, and you will be calm, and it helps!) Good luck

    • Interesting about caffeine because I had several cups of jasmine and green tea yesterday and one chai, so I got quite a bit of caffeine and the tinnitus started up again that evening.

      It could be a symptom of my highish BP too. Thanks Debra!!

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