Green Turtle Forges the Sword in Earthen Song

While I was preparing to write this up, my husband discovered that the grass trimmer we bought him yesterday is missing a part. He bought the floor model after I didn’t want to because I was worried about it missing something. He’ll return it tomorrow for credit and try to get another one from a different store. It brings a bit of anxiety today just when I was hoping to relax.



I thought I’d mix it up with draws from different decks.

The Rumi Ace is about inner purification of a person, the way the sword needs to be forged, tempered, and polished is similar to how humans improve. The Sufis call this prolonged interior work the “Greater Struggle.” You polish yourself progressively; everyone is a work in progress.

Lady’s Mantle is about healing and dew, the connection to the Earth, groundedness. You can’t love the Earth if you don’t love yourself. I felt this morning that I was in need of some mothering and comfort. We were out shopping yesterday and it often leaves me frazzled and riding in the car bothers my body.

I like the turtle in this, it reminds me of a free pattern I recently saw for a pincushion which I might have a go at one day.


And the Meadowlark is singing cheerfully, the joy of song bubbling up in his chest in early summer. Stay close to the Earth today is his message as he uses his imagination to sing the new moon journey of self-discovery.

Self-discovery, inner contemplation and the mothering of the Earth feels good for today. There’s an answer to anxiety: birdsong and sweet blossoms of early summer.

Happy Sunday!!




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