Crow Laughs at Dawn

I was looking at a linden tree near my house last night and thinking it was getting overgrown and encroaching on the roof. It has ramped up my anxiety again. I woke myself up having a dream about the septic bed being ruined. Pervasive anxiety is quite uncomfortable. Perhaps the whole house repair thing is simply getting to me? We are waiting for the roofing contractor to replace our roof, and it will be in around two weeks they are coming, plus many other things need taken care of.

QUEEN OF CROWS (Queen of Pentacles)


I like crows. I like the early morning cawing they do, their graceful flight over trees, but I haven’t felt the same about them since I saw one steal a grackle nestling and eat it. For some reason they target the grackles, and they are doing it again this year.

Crow can hover over you like a benign Auntie, nurturing and safe, or Crow can be the looming, black menace of anxiety about your hatchling chicks. Crow can smile and laugh or she can peck the meat off your skeleton.

Still, she is a Queen and has stewardship over her subjects. Her power can be overwhelming but it’s good to have power around. She tells me that inner power is always available, no mater how anxious one is, there is intellect. The intellect needs a focus like the sparrow here is focused on the robin.

I don’t know, I’m hither and thither. Maybe Crow says “Fly with it, float over it, don’t fight it.”

Breathe, laugh, chat to the sparrows.




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