Oak and Owl Have a Growthful Day

32 – OAK TREE – Growth, Knowledge, Self-confidence
49 – THE OWL – Stealth, Solitude, Secrecy


Another tree! A gorgeous Oak Tree, with illustrations by Emma Garner.

After my doctor visit a few things are improved, including getting permission to go off the meds that were doing strange things to my mind and body; I’m on the right path says Oak.

That certainly gives me confidence, and generally it’s a day of growth, but a quiet one, a self-contained one of solitude, listening to opportunities while staying in the background.

Suits me.


Later that day….

Just for fun I thought I’d grab two cards from disparate decks and see what they had to say.



The Midwife is one of the Wisdom cards from the Harrow deck. She is a conduit to creation and lets new life and ideas into the world and can see good even in the worst situation. Knowledge like the Oak Tree card above and birth and growth.

The Hermit is of course solitary, much like The Owl and likes to keep his own heart to himself, so a reflection of The Owl.

Neat eh? When they mean it, they mean it, even if you draw from several decks.




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