Rabbit Roister Doister Tackles Egyptian Pyramidal Flotillas

Here we are contemplating past lives (which is not a personal belief of mine.)

I used these two decks together because I took a notion to while trying to nap. Feeling wonky, I went for a rest and found myself giggling and smiling to ponder my various cards and had to leap up and do the dishes and a laundry so I could then get to this draw. My eyes rested if not my brain, I tackled this with fervour!

II OF RABBITS – 2 of Wands


Rabbit is contemplating his past life as a Medieval peasant and thinking how comfortable his straw bed was despite the fleas and lice. The nature spirit in Past Lives seems to have a pyramid about to drop on his head. He also needs a shave and wonders how Egyptians handled barbering tasks and whether he should become a hypnotherapist.

Well, in my case I would prefer to believe this points to thinking about my current past, pondering those shades in my life that might be affecting me now. There is an instinctive choice to both cards, speaking of yin and yang since we have the symbol staring at us.

Yes, your past can affect you. No, you don’t have to let it overwhelm you, there is a choice. In meditation, these thoughts of the past come up and you observe them but they don’t cause anxiety, they are just there.

I have a lot of anxiety about my health, I was up journalling at midnight about it. That made me feel better in the same way of observing feelings in meditation, because you see and let it go, you write it out and then it’s out and gone, leaving you the freedom to be reflective about nice things, like cats and soft pillows, or the sound of birds in the garden while your laundry dries in the sun.



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