The Trio That Cares

Today I used the mini version of the Universal Tarot.



I pulled these earlier in the day. The Emperor reminds me of my Dad, so I think fatherly care with this today. The Hanged Man often indicates being stuck but today I thought of the word “sacrifice” with him. In order to get unstuck you have to sacrifice old habits and patterns and start to care about yourself. The Ace of Chalices depicts the hand of God offering…flow and love and care.

Some days you need to care for yourself as a father would or a heavenly father to get out of a rut. I stopped taking the medications that were making me ill and feel better already, it gives me hope to feel better. Perhaps that’s all you need to get out of a long period of hanging around, a bit of hope?

I did some cleaning and sewing today. I finished a sun hat I made my husband to replace his old gardening hat that is 39 years-old. Speaking of being in a rut, look at the old hat on the right and the new hat on the left.


Why do we leave things in a rut for so long?



2 thoughts on “The Trio That Cares

  1. Oh my god, the difference! That hat you made looks great! I tried one like this but got in a bit of a tizz doing it, haha. You’ve done a great job and I love that fabric.

    • I set the new and old one on his dresser last night so he would see them side by side when he got home from work. I am so pleased.

      This pattern (see reference below to pattern and modifications on my other blog for this week), is wonderful to sew. I have limited patience these days with complicated patterns and this was great. A bit fiddly in that you had to notch a couple of pieces to get them to fit together before sewing, but if you take your time it goes together beautifully.

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