Fred Contemplates Various Things in the Garden

I made some homemade soup and did a laundry. I tried to do some knitting but my eyes are bothering me, so I’m switching to reading. What better time to pick a card of the day?

I was glad to pull out the Universal Tarot yesterday as I don’t use it often. I have two mini decks, the other being the Fairy Tarot by Lo Scarabeo which I trimmed so it would fit in a soap tin with fairies on it. I think I like mini decks, I will see what’s available in that size of decks I don’t have.

Today out slips the…



How appropriate that he is watching his garden grow just when we are getting a good gardening weekend and I finished sewing my husband’s gardening hat.

Fred has a lot on his mind. Surrounded by green pods, he can’t help feeling that things are going to be okay.

Put some socks on Fred, those boots are getting a bit whiffy.




5 thoughts on “Fred Contemplates Various Things in the Garden

  1. We (mostly I) have been slowly trying to convert our small hard clay and bluestone yard into a garden. Planting even the smallest bush requires a pickax, and carrying garden soil three flights of stairs as the house is built into a hillside. Tell Fred I’ll pay him and feed him if he wants a bit of exercise 😉

    • Knowing you Debra, it will be wonderful when done.

      Fred…you know how he is…a do the minimum kind of guy, preferring to lean on his hoe and dream of those fresh peas in a stir fry.

      Maybe if you had a barbecue and threw a lei over his neck he’d be inclined to help.

      • Maybe hFred would like to learn hula dance while he waits. His sense of style isn’t all that far from men’s traditional costumes.

        This is my neighbor’s hula school (hula halau), they swept the awards last year, the 50th anniversary of the premier hula contest in the US. They make their own costumes and instruments.

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