Wild Rabbit in a Patch of Turquoise

TURQUOISE 34 – Awaken Your Empathy


Everyone thinks rabbits disport in patches of carrots, but in reality they enjoy a pool of turquoise. I empathize with their trouble in finding these liquid puddles but fortunately today one was available.

Rabbit is rabbiting on about scanners and cameras and their inability to parse the rich tonal teals and Turquoise in this card, and he empathizes with my efforts at colour correction. Unfortunately, even Photoshop seemed unable to cope with this, so we have only an approximation of Turquoise.

“More for me!” says Rabbit, while I encourage people to instead buy the deck for themselves.

In the meantime, Rabbit and I are tracking down some metal sew-in purse frames for further bouts of embroidery and sewing creativity. The Universe has empathized with me for years as I have tried to track down these frames, but feels I am close, and encourages communication. This card indicates rabbits, the ancient wisdom of the Universe, the whole darn Turquoise enchilada today.

Happy Sunday!



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