Lemony Sunshine Doodley-Do

I felt like a colour card today and was a bit surprised to have this neon yellow staring me down when I picked a card. Will the sun be shining or will I channel Radiohead and suck on a lemon?

Access Innovative Thinking


I wish the Lemon ray would help the edema in my feet and lower legs. In sprang upon me this week when I mowed the lawn twice. I can’t understand why a bit of exercise would set it off. Maybe I should have a hot water and lemon to start the day?

This colour is supposed to be good for study, learning, reading, and writing. Write down creative ideas and generally mess around trying to see new aspects and ways of moving through the situation you are facing.

“Sense the Lemon ray touching your head and brain to activate new ways of thinking.”

I am fiddling with fitting embroidery patterns on a curved flap for a purse. Ideas and innovation seem good to me.




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