Overwhelmed on a Day of Rest

I mowed some of the lawn yesterday and am sore with bolts of pelvic pain and arm tendinitis. Usually the neighbour’s boy mows our back lawn with a riding mower as we have an acre of land, but their machine is broken, so we are back to the push mower.

I’ve got to try and do a bit more today, which still leaves the whole front and side for my husband to do, and then next weekend it has to be done again.

The roofer hasn’t called us back after agreeing to give us a quote a month ago. Now that the robins are finished nesting we can call him again but he doesn’t seem too keen. Then we need to re-do the bathroom. I wanted to have a year without stress and debt, but we have to do some things. Our concrete front porch is crumbling away and the garage doors need done, and our pine floors need refinished. Our 45 year-old house needs everything done it seems to me. No wonder I have chronic pain and muscle tension. Hopefully when the spouse retires in eight weeks he will be around to sort some of this out.

I can tell that I’ve been grinding my teeth constantly. Sunday is supposed to be a restful day and I am overwhelmed by poor physical health and an inability to clean. The dogs and their bedding need to be washed and the floors need to be scrubbed. I can’t bend over, I can’t launder large loads because of the leaching pit being old. The Newf needs to be groomed and I can’t bend my arm or get down on the floor.

The lawn sits and grows….

X OF CATS (10 of Swords)


Oh yeah, that’s me hiding under the bed.

Make it go awaaaay.




2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed on a Day of Rest

  1. I have been totally focused on photographing my baby & a lousy review on Amazon brings me back to read some favorite tarot blogs only to learn you mowed an ACRE with a push mower? YIKES! I tried to do a friend a favor once and mow their five acres with a push mower. Thankfully the mower died before I did.

    Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. Watch and see what comes next. Either saplings and birds or a neighbor with an affidavit saying you need to mow your lawn. Do you have time, while hiding under the bed, to read “Noah’s Garden” by Sarah Stein? It might help you rid yourself of the obligation of lawn…

    • I am mowing an acre in increments, can’t do it all in one day. I took a break today and will get back at it tomorrow. We have lived here 28 years and have never had a riding mower!

      Oh I know, I would love to turn the entire yard except for the big veggie patch into a wildflower meadow. We do let the wildflowers grow by the mailbox and down the front of the driveway–have to be careful or the Township tells us to mow it down. we also let about a 100 x 50 foot parcel at the back by the pond grow up with grasses and aspen. Every now and then we throw some wildflower seeds in there.

      We had a farmer neighbour and some people on the road got up a petition to get him to kill his peacocks because they made noise. I loved the peacocks–nothing like the haunting sound of their cries. We refused to sign the petition but people are funny.

      Anyway, I totally agree with Noah’s Garden although I haven’t read the book. Unfortunately it won’t fly here without complaint from either neighbours or the Township.

      Oh, and I addressed the concerns at Amazon. I always find such reviews a bit baffling with decks I enjoy and find to be of good quality. All I can do is mention my own experience with it.

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