Save the Birds Please Gaia of the Limelight

Another scan where I can’t get the colours right even in Photoshop. It’s better in person.



I was so upset yesterday as I think a hawk or a neighbour’s cat got one of the baby robins who had just left the nest. Another bird was killed last week. It makes me feel my garden is not a sanctuary. I did however see the magical Indigo Bunting in the Fragrant Snowball outside the kitchen. 

Gaia might tell me otherwise and speak or growth and cycles and death and abundance for all. The soul of the Earth is sustaining for all, even predators. The snake around her is the Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent, which I have never heard of. It is an Australian aboriginal myth and deals with a creator deity, so fits in with Gaia.

Union with all life, we are all kin in the limelight, even when our precious robin babies are killed.





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