Fox and Possum Contemplate Ephemeral Figures in the Scrying Pool

Two more favourites from the Badgers Forest Tarot today. These two both look rather solitary so I put them together.

VII OF FOXES (7 of Cups)


The 7 of Cups is one of those cards I wrangled with for years, often getting it mixed up with the 9 of Cups. Eventually I did a comparison study on this blog and sorted it out in my mind.

The wistful yearning of the fox sitting at the crossroads, just got to me which was why I chose it. Perhaps he’s wondering where his mate went? She was unfortunately shot to death after preying on the cats of the local residents just beyond the field. All his dreams will come to nothing; he can sit and yearn all he wants but she is never coming back. I am quite a daydreamer myself, often getting lost in the clouds, and while this card looks comfortable it can be the place where you are stuck like Old Man Willow was, stopping to look at the sun one day and not realizing he’d be there to stay. (A long-ago song by Elephant’s Memory from the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack.)

The North American Possum (Didelphis virginiana) is absolutely perfect as the Hermit, being a very solitary animal. The Hermit is one of my personal cards, and I always like fresh interpretations of it. This being one of the nicest. We have possums in the woods behind our house, I saw one once, they are rare to be seen. I like that this one is going toward a pool, perhaps a scrying pool, to drink and refresh and find awareness in the solitude of twilight.

I would like to get figures of these two animals but I can’t find them here. You never know though, my friend Steve came upon a badger figurine after searching for it previously to no avail. Things pop up, perhaps these three will eventually pop up somewhere for me?


As long as I don’t get stuck obsessing over them, yearning for them, Fox says I will be okay.





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