Hangin’ with Badge and Co.

Two more of my favourites from the Badgers Forest Tarot. These cards develop terrible moiré patterns when scanned. I don’t mind this because it means no one is going to cruise around stealing the artwork from the crummy scans on my blog, but I still put copyright watermarks on cards.

Just so you know, they are much better in person, much richer in colour and depth than my scans indicate.

XII – HANGED BIRD (The Hanged Man)
IV OF FOXES – 4 of Cups


The Hanged Bird also reminds me of paintings by itinerant folk artists from the 19th century. This is one of the reasons I liked this deck so much, because every card is a beautiful watercolour painting with appealing animal subjects and flora. Her depictions are realistic but not into the realm of deadening photo-realism, they have a quaint charm and pools of colour.

We have robins nesting on one of our drainpipes. The eggs are due to hatch any day, although we did find one empty egg on the ground so even though we can’t hear the nestlings, I wonder if they are there? The timing is right and I notice the female robin is sitting up higher. The Hanged Bird reminds me of nesting birds. We are delaying getting our roof repaired until the robbies have gone from the nest, which should be in two or three weeks.

I love the little foliage and flowers right at the bottom edge of this card.

The 4 of Foxes is what I usually call the Ennui Card. It’s winter and he’s hibernating, eyes closed tightly, he doesn’t want to see or go out. We are taught that foxes are evil and crafty, so it’s hard at first to identify them with the Cups suit and emotions. We had some beautiful red foxes around here but they shot them. It was magical to see them loping back to the woods from the big river across the street or vice versa. I love their black stockings and russet red, red coats. I can see my first glimpse of one in my mind’s eye from years ago, as clear as the magical day it happened and I ran to get my Animal Speak book and see what Fox meant.

If you felt excited and full of pep every day, how would you ever rest, how would you know the difference of being active and energetic? This is a good card for cycles and going with the particular cycle of the season.

I find ennui to be bad because it is often a signal that depressive episodes are coming, but really is it so bad? Could it not just be a simple phase of life, could we not accept it as that? The Hanged Bird is struggling mightily against that vine, but if he stopped he could peck away at the vine and break it to get free.

These episodes take time, it’s not so bad to take time.




2 thoughts on “Hangin’ with Badge and Co.

  1. I love your thoughts and advice about ennui and phases. They make me think of the card in a really positive way! Thanks for that. What a shift!

    • I felt that shift too. One of the things I like about using many decks is how they each nudge you into thinking about meaning.

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