Twosies in the Hollyhocks

Two more of my favourite cards from the Badgers Forest Tarot.

II of Crows (2 of Pentacles)
II of Rabbits ( 2 of Wands)


The Rabbit is a good “surveying the kingdom” card for me. What particularly caught my eye are the hollyhocks since I have had hollyhocks in my garden for many years. I said once to my husband as we passed a house with hollyhocks in the front garden: “They must be okay they have hollyhocks” and it has become one of our in-jokes to say this whenever we see hollyhocks.

That crow is struggling to balance the two large branches he has plucked for nest building. He’s juggling as he makes the effort to land in the tree without dropping them. The tree reminds me of trees in the wilds of Georgian Bay, swept for years, balancing on a cliff, as well as beautiful trees in Chinese scrolls and art. In the background, the golden beach meets the sea, struggling against erosion and waves. There are all kinds of precarious balance in this card, its simplicity notwithstanding.

Here is an old, old picture of a self-seeded hollyhock from my garden. You never know what you’ll get coming up from year to year.

Rabbit knows this, so does Crow.





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