The Badgers Arrive

I usually do more complicated initial posts with decks but I only had three hours of sleep last night and was up and down the rest of the night, so I’m doing a lighter post.

Nakisha VanderHoeven often includes little extras like postcards when you buy a deck from her and she was really nice to include 4 postcards with my order of the Badgers Forest Tarot, of which this is my favourite. Since I collect postcards as well as card decks, it’s really nice to get some specialty cards from an artist for my collection.


She also included a small watercolour and ink sample. She does these for ATCs (Artist’s Trading Cards) and sells them and I can see why they are popular. This one looks like it might have been a sample or practice piece on watercolour paper. I love the way she’s filled the rabbit with watercolour—not completely but enough to suggest fur.


It was so hard for me to choose favourite cards with this deck. Eventually I’ll get to them all this week but for now, here are the top two.


This reminds me of paintings and art from the 19th century, often done by itinerant artists. My scanner does not do justice to it, but it’s truly lovely. It is the VII of Crows (Seven of Pentacles) and really seems to illustrate the meaning of that particular card well.


The X of Rabbits (10 of Wands) has even more impact in person. The salt technique on the watercolour background is very suggestive of snow and the rich reddish brown coat of the rabbit is complementary to the blue and this one just pops.

That’s me satisfied and luxuriating in beautiful watercolour and symbolism. I am happy with it!




2 thoughts on “The Badgers Arrive

  1. Even the title is exciting ….

    Great post. I love the little trading card. That is so special. Adorable.

    And how great is the 10 of Rabbits.

    Oh yes, you got a good one! Looking forward to seeing more.

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