Illumination from Eduardo

IX OWL – Keeper of the Light (The Hermit)


Poet Robert Frost uses the phrase “The secret sits in the middle and knows” which reminds me of this card, the inner knowing, the inner illumination, the inner silence and light you guard with your wing. This is one of my favourite depictions of The Hermit, because it says it all for me.

I woke up feeling like this, wanting to hide. I am getting antsy waiting for my thumb to heal. It’s getting better but I sometimes forget and try to hold or grip something and I get needles of pain, so I have to remain conscious of how I use it. Inactivity is making me stiff and sore, and I can hardly wait to move more freely again. Except I will never move freely again according to the doctor. That gets discouraging; I pull in and hide my light.

Having read all my library books I scrounged around for a book and picked up Century of the Wind by Eduardo Galeano. I was half way through this final volume in his Memory of Fire trilogy and had to put it down for months because of the relentless recitation of slavery, torture, murder, genocide, and the political and military machinations described within. It’s heavy going but this was the history of the world. The historical brutality in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean is appalling, and the collusion of other Western and European governments in this is also appalling. Oh yes, we like our cheap copper, sugar cane, tin, and fruit at all costs. Still, it was wonderful to have something to do with my mind, to give it something challenging to read. I will finally finish the book today, a long journey. What a talented, thoughtful man. A lot of people say they don’t understand his writing, but it doesn’t take much to understand, it’s the history we never hear about, told in vignettes.

And after that I will have some quiet, Hermit-time today, perhaps simply browsing through art books, feeding the inner light.



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