Sneaky Old Death

MAGPIE – Seven of Feathers ( 7 of Swords)


I call this the Sneak Card, and magpies are known for their thieving habits.

A former co-worker’s husband is going in for surgery to remove a cancerous lung today. Unfortunately, the tumour seems to have grown into one of his heart valves so they have to do a heart bypass to try and get it out. It’s quite a worry because of brain damage or worse, death.

Death comes creeping, sneaking in like a thief: I think of that today with this card. I was talking on the phone to a friend yesterday. I have been avoiding her for months, but she told me about a relative who was seven months pregnant with twins and then lost both babies. We both started crying, it seemed so unfair, so devastating.

Death comes creeping. Of course, just because he’s stolen the key, doesn’t mean he’ll be able to fly off with it. Hope springs up like grass, rainbows, and circus tents.




2 thoughts on “Sneaky Old Death

  1. Such awful news. Sometimes you just cannot believe these things are happening. Sorry to hear about these things.

    This card is one I always hate to see too. It makes me shiver. Even though this is a beautiful version.

    • Remember the old song by the O’Jays? The Back Stabbers–it reminds me of this card in general. It always make me cringe too.

      Came out the year you were born!!!

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