Introducing Sir Find-a-Thing



The Emperor’s right-hand man, Sir Find-a-Thing, is off on a designated quest for a specific badger cross stitch pattern and a Schleich badger figurine. Sir Find-a-Thing is the Emperor’s man in the UK, and ever watchful for gems such as this at car boot sales and charity shops.

Will he be successful citizens???!!!

The new owner of the Badgers Forest Tarot hopes from beyond the sea that the man from S.C.R.O.U.N.G.E. can work his usual magic. In a former life he was Prince Lenormand, but he has a new name and a holy mission from the Emperor, because there’s no one like the Prince to understand the burning quest for a figurine to go with a tarot deck. Plus I can put that cross stitch on a bag for the deck; only he can envision the vital importance of this creative imperative.

Reporting from the Royal Palace, this is Judith Questhead, signing off.

S – Special
C – Coordination for
R – Really
O – Outrageous and
U – Unusual but
N – Necessary and
G – Godly
E – Enterprises




4 thoughts on “Introducing Sir Find-a-Thing

    • Actually I think they were trying to suggest baby rabbits getting excited and climbing and scrambling to push each other out of the food in the bowl. It’s just the camera angle that makes it look…um…like something else!

      Well, I appreciate that you looked. Kate must be wondering how the heck she came to be a member of S.C.R.O.U.N.G.E. But then, she hasn’t made herself a tarot bag yet. Perhaps it could be part of her training as an operative in this great organization?

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