Compose Thyself Thumb Sucker

Oh-oh, the doctor is sick, the office is closed until next week, and I’ve got a corner of my right thumb under the nail filled with blood and pus! Rural living at its finest. What to do, what to do?




Today I need to think about composure and balance instead of being immobilized by fear and pain. “But Universe, finger infections can blow up quickly and take your finger with them!!!”

If all else fails I can go to a walk-in clinic somewhere. There isn’t one around here but if we drive an hour I might find one on Saturday. Otherwise the thumb feels slightly better in a gentle saline soak. If I keep soaking and soaking it, and imagine germ fighters from my immune system rushing to the spot and eradicating all infection it might work.

Of course, that’s the rational thing to do.





2 thoughts on “Compose Thyself Thumb Sucker

  1. I often forget how much I like the Light and Shadow. Such beautiful cards. I just wish they were easier to shuffle. The card-stock doesn’t move together easily and are difficult to handle. But aside from what can be overcome with swooshing, I think it is a lovely set.

    • Yeah it really holds up. Both those men died too young, it grips the heart to think of them and their talent and awareness, gone forever.

      I don’t shuffle them I lay them out in two rows of 5 cards each and deal them out that way, put all the cards back together and pick one. I do a lot of my decks that way recently rather than shuffle, it gives me a chance for peaceful reflection and quieting the mind.

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