No Lines Can Be Drawn in the Sky

I drew this earlier in the day but my thumb has become quite infected so I can’t type too well. I left a message at the doctor so hopefully I can get in for antibiotics. The last time this happened to me 16 years ago, I left it too late and had to make an emergency trip to a walk-in clinic on a Sunday and get it lanced and I was on antibiotics for weeks and weeks, hoping my nail bed would not be damaged. Finger infections are alarmingly dangerous.

The Osho Transformation Tarot is not a tarot and is filled with Osho’s usual bafflegab culled from several religions and his own philosophy. Still, it has such charm.



Your inner being is inner sky, the witness, the observer. There is no way of contaminating the sky, no lines can be drawn in the sky, no pollution has ever happened to it. There is nothing to see or think, nowhere to go, so relax into the source.

Giving me a meditative approach to yet another health problem that needs a doctor. Sigh.




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