I Have a Whale of a Time with the Database and Animals

I only had 4 or 5 hours of sleep yesterday. The hydro went off in the late afternoon and I remembered that the utility had telephoned us previously about this. It was supposed to come on after 15 minutes but didn’t come on for 3.25 hours. It caused me anxiety; I had stomach cramps all night and muscle tension with the anxiety, wondering if something was terribly wrong.

I’ll blame peculiar circumstance and try to get on-track today. I had six hours of sleep, but am still feeling sick and achy. So I browsed around for suitable figures to go with the Badgers Forest Tarot and here are some figures from Schleich, Safari, and Papo. I hope to get at least one of these on the weekend. Some of them are retired (the badgers) but you never know.


“Through music you reclaim life’s magic and grow strong in body and soul.”


It’s about singing and music but also about shouting with joy or surprise, chanting, screaming to release tension, all those things. I was laughing and chuckling when I was looking at the animal figurines and it did release tension and bring joy bubbling to the surface, releasing my chest.

Yup, I like a good figurine to go with a deck. Papo, the company that makes some of these animals, also made my Cerberus figurine that was last seen being walked by Patton and his dog Willie. Can I explain this delight? No, and it isn’t a lack of maturity or being juvenile, it’s a delight in connecting things, playing around with cards, making stories, all that jazz. Speaking of music.

And for Chloe, in case you didn’t see my reply to your comment in the last post, this is where you get the Book Collector software that I have been using for many years for my card database. I have the Pro version.

In honour of this, I’m showing a lovely screen shot of the Neuzeit Tarot that Chloe used recently on her blog, thus delighting me. As you can see I didn’t give it a lot of stars but it is still special in its way. (Click to enlarge.)


An old tarot deck is a never to be repeated song, drifting through the years until we catch the tune.



2 thoughts on “I Have a Whale of a Time with the Database and Animals

  1. Thanks very much for the link! I hadn’t seen the reply, as your blog doesn’t give an option to be notified of replies, though I did just pop by to check 🙂 Those badgers are very cute, shame they’re retired! How do you use the figurines with your decks? Keep them in a bag together, or bring them out when doing a reading?

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