Stuck in the Ghostlands, the Golden Palace Sends Encouragement

Yesterday, at the end of a washing machine cycle, I finally started putting the Enchanted Map Oracle, the last deck I bought, in the database. (Click to enlarge)


I had to look up the price to put the information in, and I was shocked to see I had bought it in November 2013. That’s more than five months without buying a deck. Holy Creaky Wallet Batman, that’s a long, long time.

Now, the only decks I have seen lately that I want to buy are the Badgers Forest Tarot and The Celtic Lenormand. Since The Celtic Lenormand won’t be published until much later in the year, I’ve got some breathing room, plus it should be more readily available online with the bonus of free shipping. Hopefully. I would buy the Badger’s Forest now but I spent quite a bit getting some coloured pencils I have wanted for two years, so maybe in a few months as it’s $39 USD plus $10 USD shipping to Canada. Plus I have to spend money on top of that. $49 USD = $54 CAD plus a stamp, money order and tax brings it up to $64 CAD. Sigh.

I see other collectors madly rushing about buying everything that comes on the market but I have never been able to do that. I like the special ones, the really artistic ones, the ones where an artist has spent some time and thought and infused a deck with their own life, vitality, and intelligence. I can’t keep up with the self-published decks as they are often too costly. I look at this $64 cost and cringe, I don’t see how I can justify it. Well anyway, maybe birthday money? I always feel that birthday or Christmas money should be spent on something you would never be able to buy for yourself otherwise.

While rummaging through the Enchanted Map Oracle to get cards to scan for my database, I thought I’d do an exercise where I just pulled out cards that took my fancy for imagery, and I picked four. Since they are so big to scan I will do two at a time.



Ghostlands is about regret and dreams. Looking too far ahead or getting stuck in nostalgia has no substance. You are here now, that’s where your attention should be. Find joy in what is present in your life today. This is an important lesson for me this year in particular, and this was the first card I was attracted to—no wonder.

Golden Palace says “There is always enough.” Another lesson I am not getting, since I feel I am lacking sometimes. Abundance comes from what you ARE not what you have. The card does indicate material gain or reward but mostly it’s about knowing your own true value. Certainly not something I grok at all in these past months of worrying about money and bills. Nothing says “terror” like a winter heating bill during the worst winter in decades.



That elephant is definitely stuck, going in a circle, around and around. Oh yeah, I can identify with this strongly where my health is concerned. The elephant says “You’re being invited to stop and savor the wonder of your life.” Being stuck is sometimes the only way to slow down. Struggling gets you deeper in the mud. Don’t be worried about moving forward, just observe and clarity will come later. No wonder I picked this one too.

Encouragement is a classic feel-good depiction of love and affection. “You are receiving a nudge in the right direction.” You will get the help you need and you won’t be alone in your quest. You are on the right path, keep going.

I shall plug on with the vegan diet, embracing and nuzzling fibre like a long-lost child.




2 thoughts on “Stuck in the Ghostlands, the Golden Palace Sends Encouragement

  1. Funny how the images that attracted you also had messages that were spot on – I guess that’s the sign of a good oracle! I haven’t been buying many decks lately, digging into my collection, which has been rather nice 🙂

    • I often get that when I randomly choose cards. Some mysterious thing the Universe does. I but a dust speck never question the wisdom of the Universe. 😉

      Actually, I agree with you about buying decks. I am quite happy to pull back and only buy the gems that turn up and are readily available.

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