Cheese is Ephemeral Next to the Suffering of Cows

Up at 3 a.m. again. I went back on the vegan diet yesterday and my inflammation went down quite a bit, so I must realize that I have to change the way I eat permanently. I was getting anxiety about making an evaluation appointment with a physiotherapist so I put that on simmer for a time.

Now I have an infection in my right thumb. Really, I have to laugh. I should change my name to “The Polysporin Kid” and be done with it. I think my body needs a hug.

17 – STAR


I rarely get the Star, but this seems peaceful and full of light today: radiance and hope for the future.

I once had a blue budgie named Puffin. She was a crabby bird—poor little soul, we woke up one day and she was dead on the floor of the cage and her companion Welly, our first budgie, had to sit with her until we found her. Welly stood for “Wellington Boot” (a nod to Billy Connolly’s Welly Boot Song.) He was a cheery, lovely, green bird but I’ve always felt I let him down, I find it hard to think of him. Over the years I’ve had numerous cats and dogs and these two birds and I often feel I let them down.

Ah dear, down the memory lane of pets. Two days ago I was racing through a mystery book, and having been fed twice, my cat Stitch flaked out on a pillow on my lap and stayed there for three hours. He was absolutely out of it. I felt so close to him, it was nice, as he is not too robust these days and tends to worry himself and get agitated over eating due to his inflammatory bowel disease. I had a flannel blankie over him so he didn’t get a chill. He was happy and safe and loved, so peaceful compared to how skittery he has been.

I’ve been hugging all my pets more this week, with feelings of closeness and unity. There is a hint of spirituality with this card, the feeling of connection to all animals.



6 thoughts on “Cheese is Ephemeral Next to the Suffering of Cows

  1. I was looking back on my blog today and read about Ariel and Desi. It still makes me well up to read about them. Daz and I were looking around a pet department at birds in a garden centre on the weekend. He mentioned the animals there and I said I couldn’t go through that again. I felt like I failed A & D too, whether I did or didn’t. It was a horrible ending which took me days to rise out of.I still find it emotional when I think about them. I love animals but I don’t think I could cope with losing one again. There is a certain distance with the fish, even though Daz and I have become more attached to one of them.

    • Yes, that’s pretty much what stopped me from ever having a bird again. I still feel bad about your birds too, they were a cheery, chortling pair.

  2. I guess that Ariel wouldn’t have had that extra time if we hadn’t rescued her. She would have been attacked or died in the cold and bad weather. They were a comfort for each other while they were together and at least one wasn’t left broken-hearted. It’s a wound which I think will always be open for me.

  3. That’s the rub, although death is painful, I’m of the “it’s better to have loved and lost” ilk. There is so much love and companionship to be shared with pets, and it really is a two-way street.

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