The Bento Box of Life and Pickled Treats Throughout the Day

This is one of my favourite postcard sets, A Year in Japan by Kate T. Williamson, with 30 postcards. She wrote a book too but I only have the postcards.

You might think it a bit strange that there is so much white space in this card, but in Japan the style is to leave blank space on the front to write on. I learned that from my set of postcards from Leonard Lauder’s fabulous collection. You can refresh your memory on that here.

“I bought this boxed lunch (o-bentö) whenever I went on a long train trip.”


It almost sounds like a song. Just for fun I thought I’d do a small montage of bento boxed lunches, but then I found that there is a Flickr group devoted to images of these boxed lunches so have a rummage if you dare.

The Japanese do these wonderful little pickled things that are accompaniments for rice or meat and fish. I notice that many Moms in North America have taken up the bento box idea. How much nicer to have a child eat something like this rather than a sugary chemically-laden sandwich on Wonder Bread.

Today, this reminds me of…it’s like a metaphor for life and opening the box of Today and finding particular treasures for this day. Mix and match your experiences, taste the full flavour, admire the packaging.

Gosh darn, those tomatoes look good.




2 thoughts on “The Bento Box of Life and Pickled Treats Throughout the Day

    • Aren’t they great? I like anything that is presented like art. The different wooden boxes you can get for these are attractive too. I’m not so keen on the plastic containers–somehow it loses something.

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