Morgan Has That Dream Again

I always use the Daily Encounter Spread with Morgan’s Tarot. Morgan’s Tarot has 88 cards and there is no particular order so you are pretty well thrown onto the stairs of intuition, without a handrail.

OUTCOME – Someone is Laughing at You


I was astounded to realize that I got the same two cards in position 1 and 2 with another reading using this deck.

I guess that I am just not getting the lesson. It is a different Outcome though.

1) The Dream – for me this is the dream I have held onto for years about getting old and still being full of health, able to walk and bike and garden. The happy retirement in the head of a true dreamer.

The true waking dream is based on reality, it is knowable, not castles in the air and magic mushrooms on the ground. A waking dream is one you create yourself—face facts but realize that you create your reality right now. A waking dream is a conscious knowing yourself, situating yourself as you know you truly are.

2) Speed – time doesn’t always follow human time. I often feel things aren’t moving along, going fast enough, like I was stuck in a tropical torpor. I sit and daydream when I could be involved in a waking dream of action. “Hurry on with whatever project you are considering.” That’s a very good point. I tend to dither and daydream instead of working.

3) Someone is Laughing at You– after my visit to the doctor yesterday I was angry and frustrated, bereft of hope, I sat and cried for over an hour and throughout the evening. My husband ignored me and left the room, leaving me no comfort. Or at least the perception of no comfort; you always have yourself.

Other people, and certainly in a 10-minute doctor visit, are not aware of me and what I do and know in reality. They have no real knowledge of me or my body, it is a projected image. If the doctor does not take me seriously, or my spouse, if they don’t believe in me….someone is laughing at that because I actually don’t believe in myself. That is the real conflict.

Spiralling laughter, the silliness of believing what someone else believes about you. The giggling farce of not creating your own waking dream, not taking action yourself.





4 thoughts on “Morgan Has That Dream Again

  1. Dropping in offer you some comfort and support! I’m sorry you have not been feeling well, (((hugs))). I read your blog faithfully and love what you have to say about the Tarot.

  2. You say some interesting things for me there. I often feel that people are laughing at me because I don’t have enough of a belief in myself to think anything else. You’re right, nobody really understands how we really are; especially doctors and people like that, because they are only looking at one aspect of us. For me, this often leaves the rest of me feeling neglected. As you know, I struggle with self-worth daily and my doctor probably has her own hard-drive for my notes.

    I have belief in you and your daydreams, your mind and your work. It is because of you that I have achieved a lot of the things I have. I doubt that I’d be doing the things I’m doing now if it hadn’t have been for your input and example.

    This is an interesting deck. I always considered it. But I can imagine that it can be direct and hard-hitting (like this reading is). For me, speed is the key here. We have our own speed. For many, many years (and even now), my biggest problem has been that I have been trying to keep up with everyone elses rather than appreciate and understand my own.

    • Ah thanks Steve. I researched a bit and have found two possibilities for physiotherapy. Some of it might be covered by the spouse’s health insurance but after he retires we’ll have to pay, but I am hoping they can do an evaluation.

      I am lurching about like Frankenstein–no kidding!

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