Krill in the Morning

I was browsing books yesterday and posts on art blogs and forums and looked up a couple of books on drawing and painting animals. Well, it’s not the drawing so much as the application of colour and texture. There is really no way better than working it out yourself, but there seemed to be some helpful lessons in three books I saw so I put in for inter-library loans for them.

My library is pretty good about obtaining things for me so I remain hopeful, it’s something to look forward to. It’s also a good way of having a look at a book before buying it or not. Of course, I am not allowed to buy a book as we all know, so until my birthday comes up in a few months I shall browse via the library.

© Estate of Charley Harper


This chap looks a bit toothsome. Actually, while scooping for fish, he realizes that The Spouse has forbidden him from going to the fish store, so he got Charley to draw pretend krill in his mouth. Is that “krill” or “kill” you are thinking Mr. Puffin?

Down Mr. Puffin, don’t take it personally.

You have to be a good fellow and…um….swallow your resentment. Enjoy those delicious pretend krill and sit on a rock in the sun.

Do puffins growl? I heard a funny noise like a growl.



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